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ATTENTION:  All E-mini Day Traders...

I am about to offer you the opportunity to "Trade Along With Me" as I select and call out only the best emini trading signals for you each trading day. You will know EXACTLY when to go Long and when to go Short, when to scalp for quick profits and when to hold for a long run.

And the best thing of all, it is extremely affordable!

Start Winning Fast With The Power E-mini Alert Software!

Limited Time Offer: Hey Folks, I have put together a Great E-mini Trading Special Offer at a very affordable price. (Only $99 To Get Started!)   If you are an active Emini day trader, make sure to check out everything on this webpage, as it could be the "Game Changer" you have been searching for. You will find 3 great E-mini Trading tools to help you become more profitable right away!

Note:  Software does NOT require a specific Trading Platform

My stand-alone Desktop Alert Software sends my personal Trade Signals and market commentary "tweets" right to your desktop and lets you take advantage of our precision trade calls at lightning speed. Audible alerts will let you know when a trade set-up is near and exactly when to make your move, targets, stops, and more! Receiving the live trade signals and market commentary tweets directly through the E-mini Alert Software eliminates the confusion and ambiguity of the trade calls found in most trading rooms. Its just like having your very own private E-mini Trading Coach at your side throughout the day!

Get Started With Us Today!

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"Power-Emini-Trading, has hands down, the most exhaustive playbook of clever emini trading strategies, that I have ever come across, in any service on the internet. Best emini education I have found. The ongoing real-time market commentary is especially valuable and is well worth the monthly subscription price all by itself. I highly recommend the Power Emini day trading system and alert software."

- Donald T. - Seattle, Washington

"Hands down, Jeffrey is the best trading instructor that I have found on the internet. He introduces you to his very clever method of s&p emini trading in a very down to earth style."

- Debra M. - San Luis Obispo, California

"From what I have seen so far, Jeffrey could very well be the best trade
caller in the bizz!"

- Keith A. - Sherwood, Oregon

~  Trade Performance Tracking Included With The Alert Software  ~

The Built-in Emini Trade Tracking Screen allows you to quickly record all of your personal trades for scoring and analyzing performance. Always knowing your APC Score (average profit per contract) is vital to your success as an E-mini Day Trader and helps you know when you can get more agressive and trade more contracts.

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