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System Documentation Update For Ninja-7 Dynamic Trigger Range Indicator

Getting Started With The New Version

Once you have the latest version of the Ninja-7 Dynamic Trigger Range Indicator installed correctly you will Right-Click on your 1-Minute ninja bar chart and Choose Indicators and Left Click. In the alphabetized indicator list you will see PowerEminiDynamicRangeIndicator. Double Left Click to add.

Check your Indicator Parameters. You will see that 01. Power Emini System gives you 2 choices. Breakout or Scalper. (This is how you confirm you have the latest updated version)

Note: If you are trading the NQ or CL leave setting on Breakout to match alerts from desktop software. If you are trading the ES there are 2 modes. Scalper mode hooks up to the new M1 channel to receive the new ES super scalper alerts. Breakout mode matches the main ES page-tab which are now macro trending impulse move alerts.

Plotting The Dynamic Trigger Range Indicator

When you have correctly plotted the Dynamic Trigger Range Indicator on your Ninja Chart the indicator will automatically connect to the backend Momentum Breakout System and receive the same alert information as your Power Emini Desktop Alert software. The Dynamic Range Indicator is an On-Chart Extension to the Momentum Breakout System alerts and is online when the main system is online. The Indicator receives alerts real-time only. The indicator is designed to install in the Basic setup mode by default. This includes the Dynamic Trigger Range High/Low, the 2 visual proximity alerts, (i.e. green diamond, pink dot) and Basic Alert Price information and time stamp. (If you think you see any discrepancy on your chart, you can right click on your chart and choose "Reload NinjaScript" and or "Reload All Historical Data".)

Turning The Micro Trade Barrier Alerts On

The Micro Barriers are off by default with color set to transparent. To activate the Micro Barriers simply choose a color for them. You also can change Width and Style. The Micro Barrier represents the price level of the HIGH/LOW for first penetration bar past the main system alert barrier. This will help with the fine tuning of your trade entry. See recent training from 5/4 on trade setup examples.

Turning On Range Shading And Midline

You can turn on the Range Shading and the Midline by choosing a color. Default is Transparent.

Turning On System Trailing Stop And Parabolic Exit Stops

The indicator allows you to employ two types of Trailing Stop Alerts. The main system trailing stop represents the wide stop designed to keep you in the bigger runners. The parabolic exit stop (orange rectangles) is triggered by high momentum/parabolic price moves that are unsustainable over the short term and can help a trader protect and capture extra ticks by tightening the stop. Note: The default setting for the Parabolic Stop Threshold is 2.00 points. This means in the case of a LONG that the low of the bar must close at least 2.00 points past the main barrier to allow the parabolic stop exit to trigger. (High of the bar in the case of a SHORT). Preferred settings are: ES Scalper = 2.00 NQ Breakout = 5.00 CL Breakout = 0.25 and ES Breakout = 4.00

Note: Anytime you customize and save settings to your Dynamic Trigger Range you can save your entire chart as a Template and this will lock in your settings for future use should you wish to reload to a new chart. Right click on your chart and choose Templates -> Save As: and give your chart + indicator a name for future use.

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